Pastor Neil: 5/29 Update



Well, this coming Sunday will be our third week worshiping together both online and in person. We had about 60 people present at 9 a.m. last Sunday and about 100 at the 10:45 a.m. worship service. Interestingly, the more that are present in person, the less who are streaming during the service itself. So, it is a blessing to know that you are still engaged in Sunday morning worship, whether on campus or in your homes. Thank you all for your continued faithfulness.


As we have mentioned previously, we continue to meticulously clean and sanitize the areas of our buildings we are using. It was a joy to see friends spending time with each other outside before and after the services.


Thank you for helping us maximize our imperfect seating plan in the auditorium. We are asking you to keep three chairs between family units; however, if you socialize with others in different venues or in your homes, feel free to invite them to sit with you.


Since more people are coming to worship, we have several rooms in Building B open for those who wish to worship in a smaller venue. SINCE EACH OF YOU HAS YOUR OWN INNER SENSE OF COMFORT AND CONVICTION ABOUT RETURNING, WE HAVE THREE ROOMS DOWNSTAIRS AND ONE ROOM UPSTAIRS THAT ARE OPEN FOR LIVE STREAMING. During the 10:45 a.m. service you are invited to the church campus to worship in the auditorium or in one of our rooms in Building B during the preaching part of our service, then you can come out into the courtyard to sing in the open air with your friends. Some of our dear friends are wearing masks or face coverings, while others are not. We need to respect the distance of others. Safely enjoy your fellowship with one another.


Thank you for keeping the aisles and doorways clear so that others feel safe as they walk to their seats. After the sermon, please exit the doors nearest you in an orderly manner to join us for singing together in the courtyard.


Thank you for your prayers during these strange times. I love you and I look forward to being with you again.



Pastor Neil

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