Amelia Baptist Church

Adam Page

Handel’s Messiah Good Friday Choir Event!

Our community choir will be performing Handel’s Messiah on April 7th at 4pm and 7pm! Do not miss this spectacular worship event. Invite a friend and listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ portrayed through the masterclass prosody of Messiah, George F. Handel’s timeless masterpiece. NO RESERVATIONS REQUIRED!

Kindness: Do I have to?

Are Christians called to be KIND?  I feel like people who have made habit out of quick, witty retorts (during middle school it was more of a defense mechanism), should get a spiritual hall pass on kindness. But alas, the Bible says otherwise. Why is it so hard to be kind? Why are people so […]

An Evening In December 2022

We are less than 3 weeks away from An Evening in December 2022! Please join us for this guided immersive experience of the events leading up to Jesus’ birth! Come to one of our three presentations Dec 2nd-4th. Registration is required for all ages, no admission is charged. To register, please click here and select your […]

Good Friday Services on 4/2/21 @ 5pm & 7pm

Friends, you are invited to Amelia on Good Friday, April 2nd, at 5pm or 7pm for a special service. These events have become an annual Holy Week tradition and have been well attended since their inception in 2005. We have selected inspiring music for quartets, duets, soloists, and small chorale. We are looking forward to […]

The Equality Act – Make Your Voice Heard!

We are encouraging our congregation to take a stand for religious freedoms. As Andrew T. Walker, professor and historian, recently stated, “The bill represents the most invasive threat to religious liberty ever proposed in America. Given that it touches areas of education, public accommodation, employment, and federal funding, were it to pass, its sweeping effects […]

Rest > Control

In an article titled Anxious for Nothing Addressing the Worry I can’t Explain, Jared Wilson expresses several things we can do with our “anxious nothings!” Anxious nothings: those things we worry about constantly but can’t control. This category ranges from the panicked parents with multiple children who want their house looking like the front cover […]

Church Update – 4/2/20

After an encouraging meeting with the Elders of Amelia Baptist Church, we have decided to continue our online services for the next several weeks. We want to respect the recommendations of our government officials during this time of uncertainty. We’ve come up with innovative ways to minister to the body of believers, prepare discipleship, continue […]

Don’t Waste Your Quarantine, Beloved.

I’ll cut right to the chase… I hate that we can’t meet. I know two things can be true at the same time and our current situation is a fine example. 1) God will bring us heaven. That is our future. Whatever happens from here on out, if we have been redeemed by the blood […]

Church Update – 3/18/2020

Your church cares for you. We pray for you and want more of Christ for each soul in our faith family. Our aim is to serve you and yours tirelessly during this time of national crisis. In the interest of public safety, and as a display of love of neighbor, Amelia Baptist Church is making […]