Counter Culture Student Ministry

Wednesday Nights 6:15pm UPPER ROOM, Building B!

Instagram: counter_culture_abc

Facebook: Amelia Baptist Counter Culture Students

Our Student Ministry exists to give glory to God by trusting in Jesus as our only hope for salvation and by being a light for those around us. The two goals:

  1. To show teenagers how they can be saved and help them determine where they stand with God.
  2. To preserve and promote unity in the body of Christ by teaching teenagers and using the youth group as a training ground to promote unity.

You may have seen or heard goals like that in other youth ministries, but what we feel makes our Student Ministry different is that we seek to empower the parents to become partners in helping to accomplish these goals. Thisis a family-based youth ministry. This means we view the parents as primary in the discipleship of their children and want them to be involved in all levels of youth ministry.  We believe that strong, Christ-centered families are the key to a healthy and growing youth ministry.

What You Need To Know!

Wednesday night current series: The Freedom in Between: A Study in Galatians!

May DNOW Weekend! Dates: TBA!

So, whether you are a teenager or parent, go ahead and take a look around our web page to see what we have to offer. If you give our group a chance, you will find that we are not your typical student ministry!