The Women’s Ministry Team of Amelia Baptist Church is organized to reach women of all ages and disciple them in hopes of bringing about life changes that will glorify God.  Our desire is that women seek to know God’s Word, live it and share it with others through prayer and fellowship.

Our purpose is to bring women to a more complete understanding of the Great Commandment and their role of loving the Lord with all our heart, soul, strength and mind. Our mission is to fulfill the Great Commission by reaching out to women of our community, showing them the love of God, with the hope of bringing them into a right relationship with Him.

How can I stay in contact with our Women’s Ministry Schedule?

For more information about bible studies and fellowship opportunities please email our Women’s Ministry team: abc.wm.titus2@gmail.com .

What is Women’s Enrichment Ministry?

An emphasis based on a God-given, God-driven vision for reaching women and discipling them for life change. Effective, appropriately conducted ministries will lead women to seek God’s Word, apply it, and share it throughout their daily living; to become “sold out” to Christ in every area of life, and to serve God with their whole heart.

Benefits of a Women’s Enrichment Ministry:

  1. Women grow in their relationship with the Lord.
  2. The church grows numerically.
  3. New women find their niche.
  4. Meaningful relationships form.
  5. Women are encouraged to discover, develop, and use their spiritual gifts.
  6. Today’s woman is ministered to.
  7. Coordination and organization are provided for both in-reach and outreach to women.
  8. Women receive woman-to-woman understanding and lay counseling.
  9. Older women mentor younger women.
  10. Entire families are affected as women are drawn closer to the Lord.
  11. Women get help with fighting spiritual battles.